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My Music Player – Audioplayer for uninterrupted broadcast.

The My Music Player has been designed to broadcast, automatically and unattended, a large volume of music and messages. The system reads MP3 and Wav files stored in a hard disk, USB flash Memory or a SD Card and plays tracks in random or sequential mode. You can also create M3U playlist  to control your music.
My Music Player is the ideal solution for broadcasting background music and commercial / promotional pre-recorded messages. Using the free ID-AL Scheduler software, you can create a grid for each day to control the player. (Play message, change music style, modify volume, select a web radio, select Aux input …)

You can update the media with the USB link and a computer, replace easily the media or using ethernet link (FTP upload and download).

My Music Player is a complete and reliable solution, easy to use, low consuption,  usable 24/24 – 7/7 including many functions and many tools for music providers,

Place up to 3 units in a 19’’ rack / 1U to create a multi zone system. With the RS232 link, you can control all the the players from a programmable controller.

My Music Player is a cost effective solution for broadcasting customised in-store radio in shops or restaurants.


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