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Designed to target a specific listening area, the Hypersound® System from Turtle Beach Corporation uses a tightly focused directional beam of sound that is heard only by those in the targeted area. Unlike a conventional speaker, sound is not created omni-directionally at the speaker (emitter) surface but is created along and within a highly directional air column. Sound is only heard if a listener's head is within the beam or the beam hits a reflective surface whereupon sound is created at the point of reflection. By directing the beam and locating reflective surfaces you can control the area and dispersion of sound. This solution is perfect for enhancing digital displays, kiosks, POS and exhibitions. Add audio to your signage or exhibition and target your audience, increase sales and brand awareness. Audio can be heard exactly where you want it, and not where you don't, a revolution in audio delivery.

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Directional Sound System (Twin Emitter) – Now Available

+ VAT. Hypersound – Twin Emitter (image is for reference only)

HSS Active Sub Bass

HSS Active Sub Bass

HSS Mounting Bracket – Pair

HSS Mounting Bracket – Pair

HSS Mounting Bracket – Single

HSS Mounting Bracket – Single

Hypersound Mono System – Now Available

+ VAT.   Hypersound – Mono System  (images are for reference only)

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