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Event Player

Event Player Audio, DMX, Show Control, Ethernet, Scheduling Software

Event Video Player. 4k Video, Control, DMX & More

Video Event Player. Price EX VAT

Microplayer AP103 MKII Kit 2PB

IDAL Audio Microplayer AP103 Kit 2PB

Microplayer MKII AP103 45W

IDAL Audio Microplayer  MKII AP103 Plus – 4 button, I/O, programmable

Microplayer MKII AP103 6w

IDAL Audio Microplayer MKII AP103 – WAV/MP3, Input/Output, Enhanced Features.

Microplayer MKII AP103 Kit 1

IDAL Audio Microplayer AP103 Kit 1 continuous playback system with 2 x C25 compact speakers

Nano Amp

Nano Amp – OEM audio amplifier. 7W mono

Nano Player Box Compact

NanoPlayer Box

Sensopad Touch Sensor

Sensopad Touch Sensor

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