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Microplayer MKII AP103 45W

Microplayer MKII AP103 45W


IDAL Audio Microplayer  MKII AP103 Plus – 4 button, I/O, programmable


Product Description

IDAL Audio Microplayer MKII AP103 Plus – 4 button, I/O, programmable

What’s in the box:

  • Microplayer MKII AP103 Plus (45W PSU)
  • 3A PSU
  • SD card


The new Micro Player mkII is a versatile player, specifically designed for installations where sounds, music, sound effects or commentaries is required either

in a pre-defined playback mode and/or interactive mode.

The Wav/MP3 files are stored on a SD/SDHC memory card or an USB flash memory drive using any file manager software. Digit codes, inserted in the file and in the folder names provide powerful playback automation. The naming of files and folders determines the broadcasting pattern: which input starts the file, if interrruption is allowed and next action after broadcast.

Autoplay – The playback starts automatically on powering on (configurable). Interactivity – The playback of files is triggered on activation of input contacts, on receipt

of a command from an infrared remote control or through the RS232 serial link. Using a binary combination, the 4 dry contacts provide up to 15 input facilities. With the two 500mA Mosfet outputs the player can switch on/off Leds, relays or any other system.

Playback mode – Few playback modes are available : loop, play once and stop, random or predefined order. It is also possible to allow a file interruption if needed.

RS232 serial link – The functions provided through the serial link open widely the scope of the use of the Micro Player mkII. Player can also send data by the Tx output.

Low power mode – When the Micro Player is configured in low power mode, the consumption is thus very small offering long autonomy when powered on battery, using solar energy for example.

Integrated amplifier – The built in amplifier is sufficient for small and medium sized premises. You just have to connect a pair of speakers at rear of the player.

Audio characteristics
• Reads MP3 files mono/stéréo (MPEG ½ layer 3), 44.1KHz / 48KHz, from 64kbit/s to 320kbits/s
• Reads CBR (Constant Bit Rate) and VBR (Variable Bit Rate) files
• Volume setting in 32 stepts from 00 to 31
• Setting of bass and treble from -12dB to +12dB in 1dB steps
• Audio stereo output on RCA connectors
• Audio amplified stereo output 2 x 20W (@4Ohms/14,4V) on terminal blockAudio output
• Voltage 12V – THD 10% – Charge 8 Ohms : 2 x 10W
• Voltage 12V – THD 0,5% – Charge 8 Ohms : 2 x 7,5W
• Voltage 14,4V – THD 10% – Charge 4 Ohms : 2 x 20W
• Voltage 14,4V – THD 0,5% – Charge 4 Ohms : 2 x 15W

● Play Wav files 16bits 44.1kHz and MP3 files 64kbps up to 320kbps
● SD/SDHC card or USB flash drive – FAT16/32

● 4 electrical input contacts to trigger audio files. Up to 15 when binary combined
● 2 Mosfet output up to 500mA

● Line level stereo output on RCA
● integrated digital amplifier :
2x18w @12V / 4 Ohms load / 10% THD 2x10w @12V / 8 Ohms load / 10% THD

● Infrared detector for external remote control
● RS232 serial link – Receive and transmit ● External 12V power supply with

polarity protection
● Extended play function using Tags within the name of the folders
● Status LED green/red
● Size: 143 x 66 x 44mm
1/3 rack 19’’- 1U
● Optional rack support to fit up to 3 units

● Weight : 200g

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