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Nano Player Box Compact

Nano Player Box Compact


NanoPlayer Box

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Product Description

NanoPlayer box, interactive, amplified and compact audio player. Small & feature rich for commercial applications

  • The NanoPlayer box delivers WAV/MP3 audio content automatically upon the switching on of the player (autoplay), interactively via an input contact or via the infrared remote control.
  • From a small size, the NanoPlayer box gets settled in various contexts. The audio files are stored on a SD card and organised simply, with a file manager. The naming and the structure of the audio files define their playback.
  • The double amplifier allows the connection of two headsets or two audio solutions MonoEarphone ID-AL©. The NanoPlayer box features a 2×8 W amplifier in order to connect two passives speakers.
  • The interactivity of the NanoPlayer box resides in the trigger of the audio files with an input contact via a push button, a motion sensor or any other electric event. The trigger and the change of the playback as well as the volume setting can also be managed by the infrared remote control (in option).
  • Ideal to bring an audio perspective into any spaces, in money-saving installations, to spread messages to an audience or to install a sound system in public spaces, the NanoPlayer box is a versatile and cost-effective audio solution.

Some example of use:


  • Background music
  • Sound effects
  • Commentary


  • Kiosks
  • Interactive panels
  • Artistic displays
  • Headset/handset kiosks, …


  • Museum spaces
  • Exhibitions
  • Public environments, …


  • Interfacing and Connectors:– 2x headphone stereo outputs on mini-jack 3.5mn: 250mW – 8 Ohms – THD 1%
    – Stereo line output on mini-jack 3.5mn : 0dB
    – Amplified stereo output for speakers on terminal blocs : 2 x 8W – 8 Ohms – THD 1%
    – Digital input opto-coupled on terminal block connector 3.81mm
    – External SD/SDHC card connector
    – Multi purpose button for digital volume control (Vol+ / Vol-) and triggering (volume level saved in SD card)
    – LED status indicator
    – Infrared sensor – Play, Stop, Next, Previous, Trigger, Volume +, Volume – Protocole SONY SIRC 12bits modulated at 38kHz
    – Power supply on terminal block connector for carrying forward
    – Power supply connector DC 2.1/5.5
  • Read file format:– Reads stereo MP3 files (MPEG ½ layer 3), 16bit / 44.1KHz, from 32kbit/s to 128kbits/s
    – Reads CBR (Constant Bit Rate) files and VBR (variable Bit Rate) files
    – Reads stereo WAV files, 44.1kHz / 16bit (Broadcast WAV not supported)
  • Storage:– Accepts SD card – 64Mo minimum to 4Go maximum – Formatted in FAT16 and FAT32
    – Accepts SDHC card – 4Go minimum – Formatted in FAT32
    – Supports long file names
    – 2 folders – 999 files maximum by folder
  • Infrared remote control (optional):– For player settings, triggering and manual playing control
  • Folder trigger by:– Autoplay folder when powering
    – 1 input on contact
    – Infrared remote control
    – Front panel’s multi purpose button
  • Amplified audio output:– Voltage 12V – THD 10% – Load 4 Ohms : 2 x 13W
    – Voltage 12V – THD 1% – Load 4 Ohms : 2 x 16W
    – Voltage 12V – THD 10% – Charge 8 Ohms : 2 x 8W
    – Voltage 12V – THD 1% – Charge 8 Ohms : 2 x 10W
  • Power supply:– Nominal voltage: 12V DV
    – Power supply range: 10V to 15V DC
  • Consumption (12V supplied):– Playing (only output line level used): 70mA
    – Playing (amplified output used): up to 2A
  • Size:– Width: 75mm
    – Height: 25mm
    – Depth without terminal block connectors: 110mm
    – Depth with terminal block connectors: 125mm
  • Weight:– 110g (with terminal block connectors)

What’s in the Box:

NanoPlayer Box

Power Supply

SD Card

Additional information

Additional Information

Power Supply Option


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