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Directional Sound Systems are available through participating international reseller partners and sales network. They are audio specialists and will assist with your enquiry.

United Kingdom

BlackBox AV (Museum and Heritage Applications)

Contact Annetta Park annetta@blackboxav.co.uk

Turnkey Hypersound Sales Partner and Content Production United Kingdom. 

JMS Content Studio with over 15 years in audio visual design, JMS Content Studio is the ideal partner for the creation of your retail digital signage or standalone Hypersound content.

Contact Jim Martin jim.martin@jms-contentstudio.com


Wave Systems, Bouaye, France, www.wsystem.com

Contact: Bernard Keller  info@wsystem.com


Smart Electronic Components GmbH

Contact Ulrich Klinksiek ulrich.klinksiek@smart-e-comp.eu

global_partnersCzech Republic

Directional-Sound EU www.directional-sound.com

Contact: Jan Stanicek jan.stanicek@directional-sound.com


Lexter Sound & Technology. Sweden.

Contact: Margareta Andersson. margareta@lexter.se http://www.lexter.se


Hipersonikses, Omnipet Dış Ticaret Ltd. Şti. http://www.hipersonikses.com

Contact: Turgut Baris. turgutbaris@hipersonikses.com 


Sol 4 Solid Sound Solutions.  www.Sol4.nl

Contact: Peter Van Beek: Info@Sol4.nl


AV Services Warsaw www.avservices-Warsaw.com

Contact Jakub Zolubak.  jakub.zolubak@avservices-warsaw.com

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